How to travel comfortably in Cambodia
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Cambodia is a kingdom that has incredible contrasts of poor and rich life.  Here you can visit hundreds of temples and shrines, as well as go hiking in the impenetrable jungle.  The ancient culture and wonderful climate for tourism make this country very popular with holidaymakers from all over the world.  Most of the territories are occupied by plains, they are surrounded by small mountain ranges.  The highest point of the country is Mount Oral, its height is 1813 meters Almost the entire country, except for the coastal strip, is located in the Mekong River basin.  Cambodia is the fastest growing country in Asia and attracts a huge number of investors from all over the world.  The country has a huge number of offshore production zones.  Over the past 5 years, real estate prices have increased 10 times.  And the city of Sihanoukville in 5 years has turned from a seaside village to a city with skyscrapers and in 2019 was recognized as the fastest growing city in the world.

Accordingly, a huge number of tourists and visitors from all over the world come there every year.  Therefore, there may be a need for comfortable transport.

During a business trip to Cambodia, you may need – meeting at the airport and transfer to the hotel, transfers around the country to inspect business real estate and offshore zones. You may also need helicopter flights, boats for exploring the islands and a professional concierge service. All these services can be organized by MANGO TAXI. Thanks to the excellent service, you can travel calmly and be sure that you will be in time everywhere.

Why is it better to order individual transport?

Individual approach to the customer.  You can request a car with a driver in accordance with your personal needs: if necessary, have a driver who speaks the language and knows the city perfectly;  choose a car of one class or another, a car for smokers, a car equipped with child safety seats, etc.  The safety of movement is guaranteed by the regular passage of vehicle inspection and inspection of drivers by doctors before leaving to the destination.  And a guarantee of meeting deadlines will allow you to get to your destination at the right time.  At the same time, you are relieved of the need to plan a route, take care of purchasing air and train tickets, etc.  All questions are resolved by the accompanying persons.

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