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To date, you can find many ways to provide anonymous access to various blocked resources. The most important thing is to give preference to paid versions, since “free cheese is exclusively in a mousetrap.” Many people prefer buy SOCKS proxy 5 referring to the high quality of the connection and maximum efficiency. It is rightfully considered the most advanced data transfer protocol. It is especially right, considering the fact that it can be used on programs that are not able to support proxy directly. This type of proxy server is distinguished by the use of UDP and TCP connections that provide traffic forwarding.

SOCKS 5 proxies are more reliable in terms of anonymity compared to http\https, since traffic is delivered without any changes, and technical headers are not transmitted, which can easily identify the proxy connection. Using SOCKS, your connection looks as natural as possible and does not arouse suspicion from various anti-bot algorithms installed in all social networks and other resources.

What can you use SOCKS proxy for?

The most obvious option for which you can buy proxy sockets is to bypass locks. Using this server allows you to reliably hide the real IP address that has been blacklisted for a particular site or belongs to a country in which access to the resource is limited.

In addition, SOCKS is often used by people who are engaged in traffic arbitration or SMM promotion in social networks. These areas are characterized by the operation of large grids of accounts. To avoid their detection and blocking by a “trailer”, anonymity and hiding the fact of using a proxy at the connection level is very important. SOCKS5 format actually provides this.

A distinctive feature that makes it worth buying SOCKS5 private proxy is the variability of connection methods.