Do you know the weight of your car?

Do you know the weight of your car
Image by 652234 from Pixabay

Many drivers have no idea what the weigh in motion of the car they own. But a lot depends on this indicator. For example, efficiency, suspension resource and even the cost of repairs.

A bit of theory

There are two indicators of weigh in motion system – equip and full. The equip weight includes not only the mass of the car, but also all its liquids, such as oil, antifreeze and fuel. Wim weigh in motion of the driver equal to 75 kg is also included in this figure. And when taking into account the total mass, we should also consider the weight of all passengers (for a passenger car, this is 4 people) and cargo in the trunk (usually 50 kg).

It is easy to determine the dynamic weighing of the machine: gross weight minus equip weight. So you can understand how much luggage you can take on board. Otherwise, if there is an overload the springs sag, the clearance of the car changes, so you can easily “sit down” on the crankcase protection when you drive along the track, or even completely tear off the muffler. The load also goes to other suspension elements (shock absorbers and silent blocks). As a result of regular driving with overload, the shock absorbers begin to leak, and the rubber parts rotate and crack.

Overloaded car is a real problem

When overloaded, the behavior of the car also changes, so that during sharp maneuvers the car will react differently than usual. And this can lead to a serious accident.

Keep in mind that a hatchback, sedan and station wagon of the same model will differ in equip and gross weight, because they have different powertrains, and options such as a sunroof and air conditioning add kilograms.