Office space
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New York is located on the west coast of the Atlantic Ocean. With a population of 21.5 million inhabitants (taking into account the agglomeration), it ranks 8th among the largest cities in the world. It is the financial and economic center of the United States. Therefore, life and business in New York are often idealized.

The first and very important stage of opening a business in New York is drawing up a business plan. It is a fundamental document defining the key components of the business.

The company name and legal address are then determined. The organization name must be unique and contain the words Limited, Corporation or Incorporated or their abbreviations Ltd., Corp., Inc..

As for the legal address, renting an office in New York implies the execution of a lease agreement for space, which will actually accommodate the management structures of the enterprise being opened. You will also need to provide the company’s landline contact number.

The set of these requirements is aimed at combating unscrupulous taxpayers who open fictitious companies for laundering illegal income. For example, they can do this while renting commercial loft space for rent Chelsea NYC.

It is not difficult to solve the problem of finding a legal address without involving the services of a registration agent. You can find Office space in Manhattan.

In mid-2019, the New York business center opened in an 80-story building. Companies that have established their offices in it are provided with a legal address.

The prestige of “registration” in the Big Apple does not always play a decisive role. This applies mainly to companies with a worldwide reputation. For example, Apple is headquartered in Cupertino, California. Microsoft’s office in New York is located in Times Square, a tourist pilgrimage site, but the computer giant’s management is based in Redmond, Washington.