How to get to work faster
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Technology does not stand still and every day something is being invented to make everyday life easier.  And now, in order to get to work, you don’t have to have a car.  It is enough to purchase folding electric bikes.

What is it and what are their features?

The electric scooter is the eco-friendly transport of the 21st century, perfect for getting around in an urban environment.  The main advantage of an electric scooter over competitors is its compactness, ease of use and provided mobility.

Electric scooters are capable of carrying a load of more than 100 kg and carrying the “driver” over a distance of several tens of kilometers.  It is easy to operate this gadget, moreover, it is convenient to use in the park, in dense traffic, in the yards.  The ability to quickly charge the electric scooter (up to 4-6 hours) and cross-country ability make it possible to count on this vehicle as a means of delivery to work.

Get to work quickly and easily with the electric scooter!