Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

People are constantly thinking about how to preserve their capital, especially in cases where income makes it possible to make significant savings. Bank deposits, checking accounts and investing in real estate are among the most popular options for saving money of the population. Given the frequent economic downturns and crisis phenomena, real estate investment remains almost the only reliable way to invest funds in order to increase them. Today you can invest your capital in both residential and commercial real estate.

In most cases, real estate is purchased with the aim of improving its appearance and selling it overpriced. Fix-and-flip loans are taken for such purpose. Flat or house renovations range from minor to complete ones of the existing building. Such loans are used exclusively for residential real estate investments, so, shop renovations cannot qualify for this type of funding. In the project with fixed price, real estate is often bought at auction, foreclosure or short sale through a bank.

This type of business can take on such complexities as: large investments at the start; high risk of not selling the property at the desired price; subtleties of legislation and the real estate market. However, those who studied the topic and did not take any hasty steps found liquid objects to buy, bypassing competitors and make money successfully. DC hard money lenders help them with the requires sums.

If you consider new buildings as an object for doing business, then carefully check the developer and evaluate the liquidity of the transaction long before its implementation. Aim at one-room, two-room apartments and studios, as it is much more difficult to make money on the resale of large apartments. They are more expensive, and the demand for them is lower.