Own business: how to open an equestrian club

how to open an equestrian club
Photo by Tatiana Twinslol from Pexels

Equestrian clubs are a business for fans. They are not opened in order to earn a lot, they are opened for the soul, those people who already have a serious business. Moreover, the cash flow in this business is minimal and cannot be compared with the financial, moral and emotional costs incurred by club owners.

Horse Club

A club is a society where certain rules and selection criteria apply. In addition, there are equestrian schools where they simply teach how to ride a horse and manage it, and there are equestrian schools where future athletes are trained.

Stables exist exclusively by renting horses, but most of these establishments in the country are still hastily refurbished barns, where animals are kept in completely inappropriate conditions, and one can only dream of “quality of service”. According to experts, the owners of such enterprises seriously undermine the prestige of horse breeding.


If you decide to start an equestrian club and keep it in good condition, then you need to purchase excellent ammunition for athletes. This ammunition will be in the club all the time, that is, people who come here will temporarily use it. But for prestige, this equipment must be expensive and of high quality. Luxurious saddles, clean blankets, safety stirrups and helmets.

Safety stirrups

It is worth talking about stirrups separately, as this is an integral part of the rider’s safety. Ophena can offer you magnetic stirrups that can be used in any weather and on any terrain. They can be ordered online and are awaited not so long. Each item is covered by a 60-day quality guarantee. No professional rider has yet been disappointed with this product. If you don’t believe me, you can read reviews and watch YouTube videos. Don’t skimp on the safety of your customers, choose only good products.